Thursday, August 31, 2023

Seattle Road Trip, Lake Wenatchee Hikes

Fall is a beautiful time to be hiking in the cascades. Cooler temperatures, changing of the leaves, and the beautiful PNW. Our place, Poofy's Paradise is located in Plain Washington. Off highway 2 between Lake Wenatchee in Leavenworth, its the perfect location. Spend the morning an early afternoon hiking and then head into Leavenworth for a late afternoon stroll around town and dinner.

Here are 3 of our favorite hikes close to Lake Wenatchee.

Hidden Lake, Lake Wenatchee is a favorite when we have older family members or very young family members with us. super short with the rewards of a 2 lakes! Lake Wenatchee t the beginning and Hidden lake at the end. 

Twin Lakes, Lake Wenatchee is 6 miles round trip. a great one to pack a lunch for. Not a huge climb, regular running shoes will be just fine. I enjoy the variety in this trail and once again the rewards of  lakes at the end.

Dirty Face If you want more of a challenge! Still haven't made it to the top but I seem to prefer 6 miles round trip with moderate elevation gain. So...go as far as you like. There is a lovely little waterfall and great views of Lake Wenatchee about a mile in . It makes for the perfect family destination.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Seattle Day trip, Stevens Pass, Family Time

 Stevens Pass is always a stop on our way to Poofys. In the winter to Snowboard, spring through fall its the Mountain Bike Park. There is lots of fun for the whole family.

Follow the trail up the mountain to meet up with the Pacific Coast Trail.
Disk golf anyone?
My favorite, Super Jenga!
....or Supersize checkers...
Connect four...
Corn Hole
Coffee and snacks, i recommend a picnic.

The beautiful view alone is worth the trip.
No dogs on the mountain bike trails.

A great day trip for family of all ages.