Monday, September 26, 2022

Mountain Biking Leavenworth

 A fun weekend with friends exploring a new trail. Xanadu in Peshastin gets a big thumbs up from our crew.

Absolutely gorgeous views on this one! I haven't been riding much this year so was proud of myself for making it up most of the 4 mile climb for some photos and the view. I prefer a mellower cross country ride, but my downhill riding husband LOVED IT!

2 mile climb on a lovely dirt road...

Another 2 miles on a wide single track.

Plain Hardware pit stop for coffee, nails and lightbulbs.

Documenting dive bars for my personal painting projects.

Shuttle service by yours truly the day before near the Leavenworth Ski hill. Hubby says not to tell anyone they got shuttled to the top...

Extra bonus, beer and wine at the Leavenworth Ski Hill while I waited for my riders!!!