Thursday, August 16, 2018

Family Time at Lake Wenatchee

Summer is a busy season for us at Poofy's Paradise. The comment book is full of folks enjoying a weekend of family time. I did book out a nice 5 day stretch for our family, cousin time on the river and the lake!

We picked a very breezy day, beautiful for pictures and flying a kite but not so much for a dip. We decided on happy hour at Wildflours instead!

The following day the temperatures were nice and hot and the lake was perfect! The kids loved testing out their new SUP's.

 Between us we had 8 inner much fun! Pop in at Mosquito flats on Beaver Valley rd., and pop out just after the bridge. There is now a parking lot and a set of stairs to the river.

...and if you never leave the house, its still a perfect day...