Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Cabin Decor

We love our time at Poofys to hike, bike, ski and hang out in Leavenworth. We also really love the weekends when we never leave the house.

That pretty blue desk is becoming my favorite corner to catch up on painting in my sketchbook.

My kids say I am a little obsessive about my morning coffee. Between the french press, drip, 3 sizes of Moka pots and the worlds greatest milk frother, your morning will be off to a good start. There's also a pretty good selection of tea and I'm always adding to my mug collection.

Portrait of my pretty red Bialetti moka pot.

Its been a lot of fun curating our collection of art, crafts and thrift store finds at Poofys. My husband and I are both painters, our work is sprinkled through the house. It's pretty cozy.

Perfect spot to start a new book. There is a couple of bookshelves upstairs as well as kids books and games in the bunk bed room.