Monday, October 26, 2020

Local road trips for Fall colors, Plain to Leavenworth

From HWY 2 , take the left hand turn at Coles Corner and follow the signs to Plain. You can pull out just before the river onto River rd. check out the footbridge that crosses the Wenatchee River. Continue over the real bridge to Plain. Get Lunch at the Old Mill Cafe and  coffee and some overalls at Plain Hardware and take the Chumstick Hwy to Leavenworth. this is where you'll want to wander down the side roads for some gorgeous country roads.

We are taking advantage of school and work from home with some quality time at Poofy's.  My camera roll is overloaded with pictures of gorgeous fall color. Here's s a few.

Close to home on the Wenatchee River.

Down hill with the!

Enjoying this view while sitting outside  The Old Mill Cafe in Plain. Birthday breakfast!

Driving down random roads off the Chumstick highway just to stare at trees....

First snow on the pass and it smells like winter already.


Thursday, October 1, 2020

Horseback Riding in Leavenworth

It is my favorite time of the year. I took advantage of a midweek stay at Poofys to go horseback riding  with Wild At Heart Horseback Rides

Erin is a very knowledgeable guide and her horses are gentle. It's great for all levels.

I did the 2 hour alpine ride.

My horse Pal, well at least his ears.

The leaves were just starting to change.

As they say "back at the ranch"