Who's Poofy?

Poofy is our pet Appenzeller Chicken.  She's a rare, fine looking heritage breed hen with quite the personality. Since Poofy was a chick, due to her dashing looks, and dazzling poof, she's always enjoyed posing. It started when our daughter began kindergarten where Poofy went on regular show-and-tell trips to school. I teach kids art classes out of our painting studio; one day I was looking for something for the kids to draw. Poofy squawked loud and proud, and so she became the chosen one. 

Since that day, Poofy has perhaps been drawn, painted and printed more than any other chicken of all time. She poses very well, sometimes spending over an hour at a time in a perfect pose. On cold days, when the kids are painting away nestled in the studio with the wood stove buzzing, Poofy will sometimes tap on the window indicating its time for her pose. 

So naturally, once Poofy retires from the bright lights and all around Poofy pizazz, our daughter felt Poofy will require her own perfect paradise where she can retire and laze away in peace and quiet.