Thursday, February 24, 2022

Vacation rental Leavenworth, a Seattle road trip

Leavenworth lights stay on well passed Christmas. Mid-week treat for us over midwinter break, no crowds, no lines!
Come stay with us, perfect for exploring the parks, trails, wineries and craft breweries around Lake Wenatchee, Plain and Leavenworth. 

 A lovely stroll through town before dinner.

Bonus "valentines!"

Just a bit of leftover snow in town.

 A Book For All Seasons is a sweet independent bookshop with a great used section and helpful staff.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

All season vacation rental Leavenworth

 We will continue to enjoy the winter wonderland that surrounds us at Poofy's...but it's the perfect time of year to start booking your spring, summer or fall getaways to the Leavenworth area. Our calendars are up to date. Book your next get away with us today!

Here's what we're up to at the moment....

Checking out the Plain Valley Nordic trails system. Just 2 miles from our from door.

Snow shoeing...this shot is the Skyline trail at Stevens Pass. The rest of family is die-hard snowboarders, I like a slower pace!

Another view from the trail to Skyline.

Our last guests carved out some pretty sweet stairs and built a slide! Door access is to the left! We like to call this a super dad moment.