Sunday, November 27, 2016

building a cozy fire...

It has come to my attention that a lot of folks do not know how to start a fire! So, here we go, step by step.

Step 1: crumple up 4-5 pieces of newspaper,  not the colorful ads.

Step 2: Stack your dry kindling (thin strips of wood) in a log cabin style, about 4 layers high. This allows for oxygen to travel freely and get the fire spreading.

Step 3: Light the newspaper on fire in at least 3 different places. Some smoke will come into the house during the first 2 minutes because the chimney is cold, just open a door or window for a couple minutes.

The dry kindling should quickly catch fire,  have your firewood ready to go.

Step 4: When the kindling is burning well add a couple smaller pieces of wood to fill the stove rather than one big piece. This will again allow for oxygen to move around the stove and get it burning nice and hot.

Step 5:  Close the door and be sure the vent is open full until you have the desired heat. Our lever is all the way to the right when its open. When the room is nice and hot and I want to maintain the heat, slide the lever to the left, but not all the way, allowing just a small amount of air in. the wood will continue to burn but at a slower rate, producing less heat.

Step 6: Put your feet up, grab a book, some hot chocolate and curl up by the fire.